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About Us

The NTP SA group of companies was founded in 2001 when it opened the first physical store in Athens with the main object of work being the marketing and repair of mobile phones. Then and always guided by the best service of our customers and meeting their needs, the range of our products has grown and now we can proudly say that we are able to serve our customers to the maximum.

The company's network consists of 2 physical stores, the first in Athens, 233 Patision and the second in Peristeri, Ethnarchou Makariou 32. The offices are located in Peristeri (1st & 2nd floor) as well as its warehouses.

The group manages 5 integrated online stores, to cover customers who prefer the internet for their purchases. These stores are, for the purchase of IT products, mobile phones, home equipment, etc., & for personal care with care products, perfumes , accessories, etc., for personal protection and personal hygiene products and finally which is addressed to large companies for coverage in networking and computer security systems.

Our purpose and vision is to create new stores in Greece with the aim of better prices and the consolidation of the group in the market.

ABOUT US in collaboration with the largest distribution companies in Greece, has on its "electronic shelves" more than 1000 products, in different categories offering the best market proposals for home, office, business, family. We serve the customer with respect, achieving the most competitive prices. So now everyone can make their purchases from an online store, easily, quickly and economically.

Aimed at the modern, up-to-date and busy customer, who is looking for many options to always choose the best, direct access to the newest and most popular models, ease and speed in the markets, assurance that the products he buys meet the necessary specifications and are properly supported, good prices and offers, security in transactions, proper information and assistance in whatever is needed and of course, satisfaction and joy from every purchase.

The offered brands are differentiated at regular intervals, in order to ensure our customers the best possible price and service. We invest in new technologies (Live Demo in our physical stores with the latest technological Gadgets, Cloud Service) and strengthen our human resources with professionals in the field and people with the will and appetite for development.

In our stores &, you will find a wide variety of perfumes and cosmetics, 100% authentic, from leading companies from around the world as well as accessories for a complete style.

The experience combined with the dedication of our people and the continuous research are the fundamental bases for a successful and effective course as well as an important advantage for facing any future challenge imposed by the market. But we do not stop here, since there is a continuous effort to offer even more to our consumers and for this reason we are constantly enriching our product range, with new items and categories.

In our stores, the service and satisfaction of our customers are our main priorities and for this reason we have managed to ensure the lowest prices, while maintaining the high quality of our products, delivering them accurately and consistently.

The crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic is a strong reminder that new investments are needed to take the appropriate measures to protect all people in Greece and around the world. In this context and always guided by the safety and protection of all of us, a new investment came to Greece. This is the company MEDIROC.

At you will find personal protection and personal hygiene products, of high standards, combining branding and science with innovative solutions for the improvement and protection of everyday life. We remain focused on health and safety and continue to offer exceptional value to our customers.